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The Advantages of Energetic VIP member:


1. 1.5% ~ 10% lower price than normal customer

Energetic VIP member are always enjoying a 5 ~ 10% lower price


2. Free shpping cost

Energetic charge free shipping cost of sea freight cost, sample express fee and 20% ~ 50% air cargo freight for Energetic senior customers who has cooperated with Energetic for 3 years.


3. Prompt shipment

Energetic takes a great advantages to produce the goods for Energetic VIP customers, first time production arrangement for VIP clients.


4. Marketting Promotion

Energetic going to employ our own website and picture designers, Energetic will offer free website construction, picture process. Which will charge free for Energetic VIP clients.


5. Energetic Gift Free

Energetic has some commodities with Energetic trade-mark, Energetic sends our VIP customers some of it. Other pleasantly surprise gift may send at the end of the year festival.

6. Free Sample for New Products

Energetic have been keeping ahead of others by investing large money to Research and develop new products, Energetic is always ahead of others in China in industrial material. Energetic always recommend our newest products to Energetic VIP customers that make our customers always ahead of others in their area.


How to be Energetic’s VIP clients:


1.        Purchase amount up to $20,000 per time

2.        Purchase amount up to $25,000 per season

3.        Purchase order to $5000 and working with Energetic up to 3 years

4.        Substantial strength distributor with good channel to sell industrial semifinished products


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