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Epoxy Sheets & Rods


Epoxy Sheet & Rod/Glass Fiber Reinforced Sheet & Rod


Trade names:

Epoxy/Glass Fiber Reinforced

Available Shapes:

Sheet, Rod


Yellow, Green, Light Green

Sheets Thickness:

0.3mm ~ 80mm

Rods Diameter:

20mm ~ 60mm

Similar plastics:

Phenolic Sheet


About Epoxy Sheet:


Laminated material in sheets, made from modified nonalkaline glass fabric as a frotifier material and epoxy resin as a binder. In addition to its good mechanical and electroinsulating properties. The material is self-extinguishing, classified as inflammable.

China Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet for magnetic conductivity, with high mechanicalstrength, heat-resistance, with good magnetic permeability.Suitable for making magnetic slot and wedge for motors.




            Extremely high mechanical strength

            Good dielectric lossproperties

            Good electric strength properties, both wet and dry.


Key Features:


            High mechanical properties, and oil resistance and certain dielectric property.

            Thermal rating is 120, and temperature resistance : 150 °C

            Withstand a variety of chemical solvents and acid erosion




          Chemical machine parts

          General machine parts and gear, generators, Pads, base, baffle

          Generator,transformer, fixture, inverter, motor

          Electric insulation component


Epoxy Products:


                  G1O/FR4 Glass Reinforced Epoxy - light green

The most versatile all around laminate, this grade is a continuous glass woven fabric base impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. It has extremely high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss properties, and good electric strength properties, both wet and dry.


            3240 Glass Reinforced Epoxy - yellow

This laminated product is formed through heat pressing after electric industry alkali glass cloth dips into the epoxy epoxy resin. It has high mechanic and dielectric performance, and applicable as insulation structural components for electromechanical/electrical equipment, as well as used under damp environmental conditions and transformer oil .


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Note: Usually, the color and size can not be customized, all will according to the avaible lamination mould. Tolerance for length, width, diameter and thickness may vary when manufacturing. Details please call at +86-755-28326940 or email us to

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