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POM Sheets & Rods

POM/Polyoxymethylene/Delrin/Acetal Rod, Acetal Sheet

Trade names:

POM, Polyoxymethylene, Acetal, Delrin, Polyacetal


Available Shapes:

Sheets, Rods, TubesPlates


Natural White, Black, Others

Sheets Thickness:

0.3mm ~ 150mm

Rods Diameter:

2.0mm ~ 250mm

Similar plastics:

Nylon, Oil Filled Nylon


About POM:


Energetic offers copolymer grade of POM Rod, Sheet. is a semi-crystalline material with high strength, a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties especially in wet environments (resistance to hydrolysis).Copolymer acetal also offers better chemical resistance than homopolymer acetal.


POM Advantages:


POM’s great machinability together with its impact fatigue and shock resistance, low coefficient friction, and self-lubricating, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, zero moisture absorption, good dielectric properties, solvent resistance, non-stress cracking, no porosity and good load-bearing properties make it ideal for close-tolerance parts.


Key Features:


          High mechanical strength

          Dimensional stability

          Excellent machinability

          Good creep resistance

          Very low stick-slip

          Physiologically inert

          Low moisture absorption

          Continuous use at temperature -50 to +110




          Precision gears, springs, wheels, connecting rod, impeller blades

          Bearings with close tolerance

          Electrical engineering insulations

          Snapfit assemblies

          Automobile industry

          Toys, windows, water tanks and so on


POM Products:


            POM(ESD) – Black


POM with carbon fiber to reach electrical conductivity

Volume resistivity: 104—106

Surface resistivity: 104—106


            POM(Antistatic) - Ivory


Volume resistivity: 106—109

Surface resistivity: 106—109



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Note: Usually, the color and length can be customized, width will according to the avaible extrusion mould. Length, width, diameter and thickness tolerances may vary when manufacturing. Details please call at +86-755-28326940 or email us to

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