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Solder Pallet Material

Solder Pallet Material/Carbon Fiber Glass Reinforced Sheet


Trade names:

Solder Pallet Material, Carbon Fiber Glass Reinforced Sheet

Available Shapes:




Sheets Thickness:

0.3mm ~ 80mm


1020mm x 1220mm, 1220 x 2440mm


About Solder Pallet Material/Carbon Fiber Glass Reinforced Sheet:


Our solder pallet material is a heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. It can keep it’s mechanical strength, smoothness and original color when continuously used under the temperature of 280°C (max. working temperature below 385°C 10~20sec).




Our solder pallet material recognized worldwide and appreciated for their high temperature resistance, excellent machinability, chemical resistance, static dissipative properties and are sensor detectable..


Key Features:


        Normal working temperature at 280, operating temperature up to 360

        Less distortion, low thermal conductivity

        Superior dimensional stability, Long life

        High temperature resistance

        Resistance to chemical corrosion

        High mechanical strength

        Good machinability (low density)




       Wave solder pallet and reflow pallet

       Electronic components automatic cartridge

       Solder paste screen printing

       SMT Surface Mount technology

       IR reflow curing

       Online testing jig


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Usually, the color and size can not be customized, all will according to the avaible lamination mould. Tolerance for length, width thickness may vary when manufacturing. Details please call at +86-755-28326940 or email us to

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