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PEI sheet

Trade names:


Available Shapes:

Sheets, Plates



Sheets Thickness:

0.1mm ~ 10mm


200x200mm,250x250mm,300x300mm,400x400mm,500x500mm ect.


About PEEK Sheet & Rod:

A replaceable print bed constructed from Polyetherimide (PEI) material, allows prints of PLA (bed temperature at 60°C) or ABS (bed temperature at 95°/115°C). The use of a PEI bed is a big step forward in 3D printing when it comes to bed adhesion and reduced warpage.


        Robust and perfect adhesion of ABS parts.

        Requires no tape, film, glues or special preparation.

        Easy maintenance, only clean with alcohol or aceton before print (always clean when bed is cold)

        Easy removal of printed object(s). Simply wait the bed is cold and take of the part

Key Features:


        Long-term Heat Resistance, excellent stability of physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures

     thanks to high glass transition temperature of 217°C

        Strength and Stiffness, predictable stiffness and strength up to 200°C

        Dimensional Stability, among the most dimensionally stable thermoplastics available, offering predictability over a  wide temperature range.

        Environmental Stress and Cracking Resistance, retain strength and resist stress cracking when exposed to automotive and aircraft fluids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, and weak aqueous solutions.

        Easy to sterilize and clean properly.




§   3D printer


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Note: Usually, the color and length can be customized, width will according to the avaible molding mould. Tolerance for length, width, diameter and thickness may vary when manufacturing. Details please call at +86-755-28326940 or email us to

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