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    -  PVDF Sheets & Rods
  +High Performance Plastic
    -  PPS Sheets & Rods
    -  PEEK Sheets & Rods
    -  PEI Sheets
  +Insulation Materials
    -  Solder Pallet Material
    -  Epoxy Sheets & Rods FR4
    -  Epoxy sheets & rods 3240
    -  Phenolic Cotton Sheet 3025
    -  Phenolic Paper Sheets
    -  Cloth Based Solder Pallet Material


Energetic Plastics


In Energetic, you can find the general plastics, engineering plastics, high temperature plastics, anti-static plastics, conductive plastics and insulation plastic for different fields' application. Superior performance of sliding properties, wear resistance, high operating temperature, high strength, good dimensional stability and chemical resistance are a prerequisite for alternative to traditional materials.


Depending on the structure of the polymer materials, thermoplastics can be divided into non-crystalline and semi-crystalline plastics. It is usually transparent for non-crystalline structure, but in the use and processing are often prone to stress cracking. With high dimensional stability, non-crystalline plastics are suitable for the manufacture of precision parts.

The semi-crystalline plastics are opaque, most of them are toughness, with good or excellent chemical resistance.


Plastics can also be distinguished according to their temperature resistance performance:


High-temperature plastics: Such kind of plastic can be long-term used in the temperature higher than 150 °C, has excellent temperature-mechanical properties. Some plastics suitable for use in high temperature environment (such as PI, PBI, PTFE) can not use melt process, only can be produced by sinter.

Engineering plastics: Plastics can be long-term used in the temperature range of 100 °C to 150 °C. They have good mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

General Plastics: Long-term use of plastic in less than 100 °C temperature range.


The right side of the plastic pyramid diagram show the type of plastic divided according to these standards in details.

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